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The current US president, Donald Trump and former Vice president, Joe Biden are the candidates for the upcoming 2020 Presidential election. They hold different views on how to approach issues Americans care about.

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For the first time in a decade, the rate of uninsured has grown and impact over 28 million Americans. Access to affordable health care coverage should be .

guided by state and private sectors
available for all and regulated federally
Climate change

The US Supreme Court ruled carbon dioxide as a pollutant that is dangerous to human health and impact climate change. Yet, electricity production is largely dependent on coal-fired power plants which is the second largest emitter of carbon pollution. Investing in clean energy production to decrease carbon pollution a priority in the next presidency.

should not be
should be
Jobs and economy

In April 2020, US reported the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. The national crisis exposed permanent job loss that had already devastated many communities due to globalization and rise in automation. To address this issue, government should prioritize .

investing in creation of jobs in new industries
protecting jobs by restricting foreign competitors in current industries

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, US colleges plan to offer only online classes in the Fall. International college students should to reside in the US while taking online classes.

not be allowed
be allowed
Student loan debt relief

Student loan debt impacts 43 million people and the onging pandemic has exhausted savings and made loan payments a challenge for many Americans. In response, the United States for part of the student loan.

should offer debt relief
should not offer debt relief
Reproductive health

The outcome of the Roe v. Wade case from 1973 legalized a person’s right to abortion. The issue created a deeply politicized debate about abortion and reproductive health (defined by WHO as having the freedom to decide if, when and how often to have children) and if/how the government should be involved. Abortion is a in the United States.

choice that belongs to the individual and their doctor
criminal offense and should be made illegal
Paid family leave

Only 17% of workers have access to paid family leave and research shows the lack of care options keep women, the predominant caregiver of children and family members out of the workforce. Both parties agree on the need of a family leave policy but disagree on the payment model. Paid family leave should be financed by .

a federal fund
getting an advancement from individual’s child tax credit
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Donald Trump

74 | Republican | 0% match


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View on 2020 Issues

  • Minimum wage: Leave as is
  • Charter school: Supports private schools
  • Cost of college: Cut student loan
  • Climate change: Deregulate power and transportation industry
  • Healthcare: Eliminate ACA, cut drug prices, limit government role
  • Immigration: Remove DACA, restrict immigration including student and work visas

Joseph Biden

78 | Democrat | 0% match


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View on 2020 Issues

  • Minimum wage: Raise to $15 an hour
  • Charter school: Against for-profit charter schools
  • Cost of college: Two years free
  • Climate change: Tax carbon emissions
  • Healthcare: Build on ACA, lower drug prices, expand medicaid
  • Immigration: Citizenship for qualified Dreamers, healthcare for qualified undocumented immigrants
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